Gratitude & a sneak peek at Tibet Itinerary

Friends, we have received what looks to be our final itinerary for our trip to Tibet. Our visas are here, passports up-to-date, packing lists made and re-made. We still have some supplies to get, but we're moving steadily forward in planning for a trip of epic proportions.

We could not have done this without the help of many people who helped us with our Indiegogo campaign. You gave so generously, from the heart, and we deeply appreciate it. I get tears of gratitude every time I think about the fact that you all made this happen for us. You'll be receiving your material perks upon our return, and of course we will be posting links to videos of us chanting your names, photos, and other data after our return as well, but for now, please accept this shout-out of joyful thanks!

Jaina Bee
Cyndi Misko (gave twice!)
Chrissie Hogan-Esch
Joyce/Tia Van G
Patrick/Owl Rost
Erin/Ladybug Dean
Ursa/Jenn Jett
Allyson Rapisarda
Laurie Jacobsen-Jones
Denny Slavin
Hayden Reynolds & Derik Cowan
Molly McEnerney
Marcus Cook
Angie Avila
Robin Dolan
Norm Halm
Karen Krebser
Thalassa Therese
Hummingbird/Jenna Teixeira (gave twice!)
Stephanie Ivy Whiteside
David Salisbury 
Heather Biedermann
Ryan Ailts
Brenda Titus
Jenny/Rowan Wilde
Jocelyn Berengeria-Houghton
Erin Raines
Sam Webster
Erick Dupree
Andrea Ferrante
Lois Scamihorn
Megan McElroy
Bethie Anne Lear VanderYacht
Dwan McCarthy
Nita Rubio
Sydney Miles
Mary Gee
HiC Luttmers
Molly Rinaldi & Family
Jack Bear & Stella Iris
Metzalli/Raja Guel
David & Kellia Ramirez-Watson
Les Kleinberg (gave twice!)
Jay VanterPool
Magnus Sand
Michael & Eva
Susanne Smith
Chrystal Brooke Vang
Katie Schuh
Markus Clemens Baude
Lil' Bat Magickal Creations
Sydney Si Ning Leung

Plus, there are several other folks who gave email addresses in place of proper names, so I am including those here as well: thatiscoolstu510, suzew1, ebridgewalker, whytrash, astrojp. Thank you, mysterious ones!

Finally, there were also donors who chose to remain anonymous.

We bow humbly in thanks to you all. May your blessings so lovingly shared on our behalf generate endless merit for you, that all beings may benefit!

Through your generosity, we donated $1337 to the nuns of Tsogyal Latso. We made this donation in advance of the trip to be given to Ani Sampten and the nuns as part of the larger donation of $21,000 raised for their care by the many different donors to Jnanasukha. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your contributions will go a long, long way. This donation we were able to make will support two nuns for one year.

For those following along from home, here is our final itinerary for this 6-week pilgrimage:

Aug 1-3: driving to Minnesota for Sacred Harvest Festival
Aug 3-10: Teaching, singing, chanting, and performing ritual at SHF along with Crystal Blanton, Tony Mierzwicki, Crow Call, and others.
Aug 10-11: driving to Colorado
Aug 11-20: White Dakini Drubchen with Sang-Ngag Rinpoche & Lama Tsulrim Allione
Aug 20-23: Rest in Colorado & drive to LA
Aug 24-26: Fly to Chengdu & rest there one day
Aug 27: Chengdu-fly Gongkar-Mindroling-Lhasa
Aug 28: Lhasa, morning free time, afternoon Jokhang
Aug 29: Lhasa, free time in the morning or Ramoche, afternoon Potala and Lukhang or Norbulingka
Aug 30: Lhasa-Kangri Tokar-Lhasa
Aug 31: Lhasa-Dorje Drak-Nup Sangye Yeshe-Tsogyal Latso Stupa-Zurkhardo Stupas-Samye
Sep 1: Samye-Utse and peripheral temples
Sep 2: Samye-Chimphu-Samye
Sep 3: Samye-Tsogyal Latso-retreat–Samye
Sep 4 (Guru Rinpoche Day): Samye-Tsogyal Latso-retreat–Samye
Sep 5: Samye - Tsogyal Latso-retreat–Samye
Sep 6: Samye-Namling
Sep 7: Namling-Zabbulung-Namling
Sep 8: Namling-Lhasa
Sep 9 (Full Moon): Lhasa-Gyamda-New Dechen Gon-Drak Sum Tso
Sep 10: Visit Tso Dzong-afternoon Bayi
Sep 11: Bayi-Buchu-Lamaling
Sep 12: Bayi-Nyangtri airport-fly Chengdu
Sept 13: Fly Chengdu to LA
Sept 14: Drive home to Alameda

It is getting very REAL. I may end up sharing our packing list as well. 6 weeks, two people, one suitcase and one carry-on bag each. #minimalismtraining