Happiness is not just around the bend

Happiness, fulfillment, a sense of satisfaction, and other desirable phenomena always seem to be "just around the bend." How often do we say things like, "Oh, when this happens, I'll be so happy." "Someday, when I get this thing, then I will be really happy." "Once I find my perfect partner, I will be so happy."

But happiness is not a SOMEDAY experience. It's only a dream when we place it in a box marked SOMEDAY and set it on a shelf to wait for SOMEDAY to come. It can't breathe in there.

"Help, help! I am your happiness, trapped behind this suffocating wall of longing and disillusionment you have built up to keep yourself from getting hurt or feeling disappointed! It's getting a bit close in here! Can we open a window, maybe?"

In fact, happiness is a NOW experience, and if we start NOW to be happy, even in small ways, we generate the kind of magnetic, beneficial energy that brings more of what we like toward us.

I am not judging you for your disappointments, wanting of relief, seeking of a goal, or desires. I am telling you that this is the spirit version of, "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar."

Just try it. Generate happiness within, using a mechanism: a good memory, a pleasant scent, an orgasm, a good joke, meditation, whatever you like. Then, simply, send that little bit of happiness you have out to the world around you in a sort of indiscriminate and a-specific way. Just send good vibes out, man.

Immediately the space where you held those good vibes fills up afresh with new good feeling. Keep doing it. That refilling of the good vibes will carve the channel deeper and allow more to flow through. It's almost like...magic!

Bake on this till you're done. In the words of neuromagician Antero Alli: "Get high on your own supply." Let your body have a break from yearning, and see what manifests in that space.