Bone & Dice Divinations for New Year

Between now and Dec 31 I will be offering special divinations via email for the New Year.

Specifically, I will look at your health, wealth, luck, love, spiritual well being, personal growth, family, and omens using a combination of Shagai, or Mongolian bone divination, and Mo, a Tibetan dice divination. The reading will give you a sense of what opportunities to look for, what is coming, and what to focus on in these areas in 2015. 

I ask for a $35 donation for each reading, but you can do more or less if you wish. You may order a reading by sending whatever amount you choose to using Paypal or Square Cash. Make sure I have your name, birthday, and email address. I will sit with your name, my bones, and my dice until the time feels right, then I will cast your divination, so give me a few days to get back to you. I'll write down all of the messages I get, cross reference them with quotes from sacred texts,  and send them to you via email.

May this service be of benefit!