2014: The Year of Skillful Miracles

One of my favorite functions as Presiding High Priestess of CAYA Coven is to annually select a theme for our community's collective contemplation and aspiration, based on individual discussions, the community zeitgeist, and magickal omens and occurences I observe.

In previous years, we have explored such themes as Wealth Consciousness (the year in which we gave specific attention to developing sustainable financial skills, compassionate just stewardship of resources, and deepened respect for the Earth's abundance), Joyful Service (the year in which we began to develop a more diverse array of roles and responsibilities for our public Pagan Clergy to occupy beyond ritual duties, such as voluntarism, coordination of community resource sharing, development of personal service projects, and civic participation) and in 2013, our focus was Excellent Ethics. This year has been an exploration of discernment, finding balance in grey areas, accountability, plurality, and development of thoughtful processes over static policies. It has been a very illuminating and helpful year of work for us, as we have come into greater intellectual, cultural, and structural integrity as a coven community.

As with every passing year of our Coven's existence, there is more There there. We feel more substantive with each year we accomplish our work. This past year, we moved our Coven's main operations to Alameda, where in 2012 several of us had already set up an intentional community with co-housing. We allowed our policies to responsively shift when we made the choice to have our stellar Aspirants take on larger roles than usual, according to the high level of skill they demonstrated during their training. We chose to offer targeted focus to the realm of the Divine and the beings who partner with us in our work via our recently-established temples dedicated to specific deities and currents of deity. A great deal of mental and architectural energy has been activated this year. Now, it is time to empower our personal and collective plans and structures with magick for the next level of our evolution.

For 2014, the theme I have selected for our focus is Skillful Miracles. It is my perception at this time, based on my interactions with people in our community and in the wider spiritual world, that many are wondering if it will take a miracle of some sort for widespread change to happen in matters of state, culture, diversity, justice, economics, politics, the domestic sphere, and the future of our planet. Many of us have been taught that there will be some savior, some deus ex machina, who will emerge and lead, transform, and save us. This is a profoundly discomfitting thought, despite its emotional lure of relief that somehow the cavalry is coming. Even within the wider pagan community, our ongoing challenged relationship with leadership, authority, and hierarchy bespeaks our discomfort with this thought.

We do not need a savior to show up and perform miracles. Miracles happen every single day when we apply ourselves diligently, carefully, mindfully, joyfully, and skillfully to doing our good work in the world. When we each take up our part in the great puzzle of manifestation, wholeheartedly, and we give it the best we have, things happen. The things that happen are not always immediately to our liking or comfort. But as we continue to develop our capacity to wield the power that comes from practice and the energy that is possible when we apply ourselves fully, we begin to see that we can actually "steer" these miracles more skillfully and with greater precision. This is the way of magick in CAYA: we learn to wield the power that is available effectively, and to do so ethically and beneficially. 

Thus, in this coming year of Skillful Miracles, my blessing for our CAYA Community and the wider spiritual community of our friends who want it, is this:

May we move steadily forward toward the highest good of all,
step by step, carefully and deftly.
May our quiet works alleviate suffering and our joyous works honor the Divine.
May we apply ourselves mindfully and with loving heart to the tasks of magick and empowerment,
sharing support with one another,
in the spirit of generosity without presumption.
May we grow as one of the still-standing ancient redwoods,
ever reaching for the light,
rooted deep in The Mother.
May all be well, and may we see the fruit of our endeavors in blessed liberation from suffering.
May we know this fruit without a doubt when we encounter it, that our work may then be strengthened by evidence, and forthcoming evidence be thus strengthened by the empowered work.
May our work and its fruit be protected and sustainable, creative and mutative according to need.
May our bodies, minds, hearts, souls, and karmas be purified, refined, and improved by this work, that we may then be more capable, magickal and skillful in our views, meditations, aspirations, and actions.
May there be great joy and pleasure in the doing, and in presence, and in the Now.
May our work be dedicated to the benefit of all beings in all directions and planes of existence and all times.
So mote it be.



It is a miracle that they did this.

It is a miracle that they did this.