Want bliss? Want enlightenment?

Want bliss? Want enlightenment? Want social justice? Want consciousness? Want engaged practice? They are all available at the end of a relatively simple formula. Simple, not easy.

Step 1: Find someone who is suffering. It's not difficult. They are everywhere. They are us.

Step 2: resist viewing this person as disempowered, lesser-than, piteous, a victim. Instead, view them as a valuable and crucially-important person who is just suffering, and who just needs help. In many other ways they are just like you. You two are part of the same Mystery.

Step 3: perform the humblest task possible to alleviate their suffering. Clean their toilet. Wash the blood off their body. Kiss them when they feel ugly. Hold them when they thrash and cry. Be patient with their discursive story. Feed them the thing you were saving for yourself. Give them the money you thought you'd spend on something else. Touch them and hug them even when they smell like death. Especially then.

Step 3: Accept no compliments, receive thanks graciously but modestly, avoid reporting to others what you have done unless there is a necessity to share information for the greater functionality of teamwork. Don't crow. You're just doing what's right. Everyone should do what's right. It should be a given. Act as if it is.

Step 4: Tell the person that it was an honor to be of service, and mean it.

Step 5: lather, rinse, repeat.

After doing this one time you might feel pretty good, open-hearted, and special. This is not enlightenment. Keep going.

After doing this 20 times you will really begin see just how special this person is. This is not enlightenment. Keep going.

After doing this 100 times, you will just see your service as daily life, what must be done. This is not enlightenment. Keep going.

After doing this 100,000 times, you will know utter bliss in this simple gesture, and so will the other person. This is enlightenment.

Keep going.