That One Time at PCon when I Accidentally Invoked The Beast

There were many beautiful, powerful, intense moments at PantheaCon, and I bring you one that gave me a holy-wow-laugh. The Universe has as excellent sense of humor. And there is some amazing magic possible when we surrender to laughter as a means of recognizing the Divine.

So, there I was, sitting in the CAYA Common Room (we were in 672) on Sunday night with several members of my Coven, and we were talking story about the day- what had happened, what we had seen, songs that had been sung, lessons learned. I was recalling the power and presence of the Thoth Hermes Mercury Rite presented by Sam Webster and the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn. It has to be one of the most powerful rituals I have ever attended. Members of CAYA formed a large part of the chorus for that ritual, and enjoyed our work with OSOGD on this rite very much. They give good Temple.

Not everyone had been able to make it to the ritual, so in my report I sang them this beautiful song Sam wrote:

Had Re Nu Abrahadabra
Hermes Pantos Apolytos
To you and all your host we offer
Form, sound, smell, taste, touch...
the whole of space.
Father's Milk and Mother's Blood,
the fruit of existence.
Come and enjoy.

I concluded and there was silence for a few seconds-- this is a powerful wisdom song and we could all feel that. Then, everyone burst out in praise- oh, that's really a good one, very beautiful, wow that's amazing, etc.

I said, "You know, magicians are very interesting to me. They do and say all sorts of things that I find fascinating and magnetic." Everyone agreed- yes, yes, very deep, wise, and mysterious, these magicians. General respect shown round the room for this. An attractive part of magicians' je ne sais quoi.

I then said, "For example, I had no idea that Abrahadabra was a Real Thing until I started learning about magicians. But it's actually a very big deal. And they do these hand gestures. It all has a very dramatic effect the way it comes together. I mean, imagine how powerful it must feel to have a special way to point your finger and say Abrahadabra in a big voice. It's pretty intense." And I mimed the action, pointing my finger at the door and saying the word. Everyone agreed, yes, yes, that is really pretty awesome. Very interesting. Good tech, big effect, very cool-looking, etc.

Just then, a woman walked in the door, carrying a stick and wearing a hat with a rounded brim, and a cape. "Hello," she said. "I hope you don't mind, I heard your beautiful singing and thought I'd pop in. I'm your neighbor from down the hall. I'm The Beast, you might say. I'm in room 666."