Mothers of the New Time

As I awaken on Solstice morning, my body and spirit ache to look out the window and find snow on the ground and icicles from the trees.  My whole being yearns for the seasonal tides of the East Coast, where I was born and raised. But that is not my reality right now- I live in California, in the Bay Area, where there is sun and rain but no snow. There is a dissatisfaction in my animal self about this, and it will be here all day. My spirit keeps sitting up on its haunches and tasting the wind to see if a storm is coming. But the storm has passed already.

The end of days has come and gone. Not only because of our procession forth through the Mayan calendar gateway into the new time, nor merely the dawn of a new Solstice day, but because every single day is a gateway into a new time. Every dawn is a fresh opportunity for life and growth and rebirth.

Tonight, I will go and sing and dance and pray with my sisters in our sacred circle. We will bring our thread of the new year through the eye of winter's needle, and begin to stitch the future's pattern into the black fabric of the universe. We will inscribe dakini scrawl in invisible ink upon whorls of rippling water; the wet, waving leaves in the wind; the patterns of the rain sheeting upon the windows. We are writing the future in our blood, in our spit, in our milk. We are writing the future on our bodies and the bodies of our children. It is time for us to write this future. It has never been more appropriate timing for a major turning of the tide than this very moment. And this one. And this one. There are many who know this. The Mothers of the New Time have taken a special interest in this responsibility for creating the world anew. It's simple, really: when we create magic for the future, we create the future.

We are wild women, wise women, witches and enchantresses, yogis, mothers, spinsters (literally!), dancers, doctors, wives, lovers, canners and preservers, librarians, burlesque nurses, grannies, grrls, bois, queens, and rooty mamas. We are the mermaids and channel swimmers in the sea of life, the farmers who garden the entire earth. We are the ones who love Her, and love ourselves as part of Her, and see and love Her as She is reflected in all things. We are the ones who bear forth and powerfully defend the life of this planet, and we are giving birth to the future right now: the future of ideas, of children, of time itself. The midwives of death will tell you: there comes a point at which many people begin to bargain or beg for more time. It is natural to want to cling to this life, to want to prolong this part of the journey. Even when it is flawed and painful, it is a known quantity and the future is murky dark and frightens us. But eventually, we all must let go and allow ourselves to drop into the darkness, to become part of the swirling tide once more, to emerge once more, changed. The entire cycle involves risk, on every level. Every moment counts, every decision counts. Thus, it is critical that we write the story of our time here with great mindfulness, making use of it to alleviate suffering, our own and others', and to create joy, our own and others'. And when we have opportunities to practice dropping into that dark swirling sea of creation in times of personal transformation, may we do so with courage, strength, patience, trust, and love. May we be purified and rendered whole, strong, and free, again and again and again as we circle deeper down into the mystery. May we illuminate ourselves with skillful methods of keeping time and designing the future.

How many of us wish we had more time with a loved one who has passed? How many of us, watching the tragedy unfold in Newton, CT last week, felt a deep longing for those innocent children to have had more time on this Earth, with their families? How many of us look at the countless faces of grieving mothers on the news and pray, "Not again"? There is only one way to ensure this, and it is to powerfully begin to write the story for this new time. We cannot change the past. We cannot bring back the lives of any children lost, anywhere on the planet, nor any adult. We cannot go back and exercise collective or individual discernment now that we know what we know. But we can write the story of the future from our places of wisdom, now. We can listen to our hearts when they cry out, to our wombs that clutch with sympathetic grief, to our spirits that are always in deep intimate connection with the entire grid of humanity, when they tell us, "Stop. Contemplate. Soften. Let yourself care. Let yourself be moved. Do something."

Each of us has a unique way of caring for the world and shaping the future. Each of us has a special calling to shine our light and raise our voice. What will you do to shape the new time? What will you raise your voice about in the future? How can gentleness be your guide? How can love be your compass? How can integrity be your map?

I dance at the edge of the world
Like my Ancestresses before me.
I am a sacred vessel.
My blood is indomitable.
Cradling the Now at my breast.
Nurturing the future unfolding.
There is nothing to fear.
I am a Mother of the New Time.

All women are invited to join forces with us in our final 2012 Mother of the New Time working tonight, anointing a stone at your own altar with your sacred fluids and burying it in the Earth while reciting the prayer above. With this working, we close our Earth chapter of the project.

We also invite women to participate in the 2013 Mother of the New Time working: All Water is One Water.

You will need:
-a bottle with a cap
-a chalice
-a crown, or headband that can serve as a crown

Upon each Full Moon beginning Dec. 28, 2012, and continuing through Dec 17, 2013, fill your chalice with water, place the crown on your head, and stand at your altar. Feel free to add non-toxic essences, elixirs, or potions to the water, to use moon-charged water or to add a few drops of holy water to the chalice to bless it. Recite the Mother of the New Time Prayer above into the water. Pour a small amount of water from the chalice into the bottle, so that each month you add a little bit more until the bottle is full. Drink the rest of the water from your chalice, infusing your entire body with the spirit of the prayer: infinity within your reach, boundless creative power, sustainable personal agency, nurturing for self and others. Hold respect for the water and its power in your mind. Remember that all water is one water, and that the water of our bodies is the same as the sea and the rain and the river. What we do to the water we do to ourselves. When we heal the water, we heal ourselves. Let us be mindful of water this year, and shape the future based on how we treat the waters.

O Dec. 17, 2013, we will return the sacred, blessed waters from our altar bottle to a living body of water near us: a river, lake, stream, ocean, pond, sea, or creek, while reciting the Mother of the New Time Prayer. We will take the Earth's healing into our own hands, magically and practically. In 2014, we will turn toward our Fire Working.

At other times during this year, when you need to do something important, to hold for the greater good, to take a stand, or to feel empowered in your truth, wear your crown or headband. Wear it with a sense of conscience, responsibility, righteous empowerment and personal sovereignty. Wear it and know that you are the Goddess enshrined in the flesh, that She is Rising within you, and that All Will Be Well because all MUST be well and you are part of MAKING it well. It is time for things to get well. It is time for you to be part of that in a bigger way than ever before. What does that mean to you? What could it mean that you might not have thought about yet?

We all have various specific ideas about what we think the greatest good is. None of us, alone, is capable of truly knowing what the greatest good is for all beings. But together, we can shape simple, powerful, cooperative collective values that reflect the very best of who we are as a community of divine beings entrusted with precious human life. Some of the values that have thus far been held within this project are here. Feel free to add your own benevolent intentions in your own workings.

We continue to welcome men and male-identified persons to lend us energetic support in this ongoing project, and we thank you for your alliance. We invite you to embody and exemplify the values linked above, as we also are doing.

The time for positive change is Now. It is always Now. We witness the end of the world every single day that passes when we do not exercise the very best of who we are. We also have the gift of beginning again today. Let's make it count.