Channeling the Higgs-Boson

With a raucous squee heard all through nerd-dom, scientists at CERN (the home of the Large Hadron Collider, in Switzerland) announced last week that they found the Higgs-Boson, aka the "God particle." Many of you might have noticed this cropping up on your social media and in the news. Maybe you've done a little research to understand it better, maybe you're a genius who completely gets it or maybe you have no flippin' idea what I'm talking about. With 8 minutes, your curiosity helmet, and a good sense of humor you can learn more about it in this video.

"Imagine a field that permeates the entire universe..."

Ah-ah-ah Dharmadatu Dakini
Prajnaparamita ah hung phed ah

So how does this particle work and what does that mean to the Spiritual person? Well, from what I can glean, the Higgs-Boson is the particle that "makes a thing actually a thing and not just a concept." Think of everything, everywhere, as being made of pure Spirit. Well, yes, I know it is. But I mean, think of everything as the pre-vapor of Spirit, or the idea of Spirit, rather than the substance of Spirit as you might conceive of it. In fact, before anything even shapes into actual matter it is Spirit, and before that it seems to be pure potential only. Before something is substantive, it is conceptual only. And just so you know, there actually is no "before" about it in the vast field we are talking about, but I am just saying that to make it more apprehendable. Bottom line, the Higgs-Boson is what gives substance to Spirit. It locates matter as a phenomenal process with tangible product rather than mere possibility. It makes actual what might only have been previously a thought-form, a snip of a second, or a wisp of nothingness. It makes matter from anti-matter, or else it gets Dark Matter to conform to the standards of what we quantify as matter. And it likely has a number of other friends that have the keys to unlocking a good many mysteries about the nature of existence. From this article:
We have reason to believe that there are many particles waiting to be discovered, and the Higgs could be the portal that connects us to this invisible world.

Due to its supernatural powers of creating something out of nothing, the Higgs-Boson has been called the "God Particle." It is the power of creation that humanity has long ascribed to a vast parade of deities throughout history (and well before recorded history, it can be surmised). Here is an article where a very smug, smart, and science-minded person gloats about how the particle acquired that nickname and how the particle eliminates the need for belief in anything outside of science.
Assuming the particle in question is indeed the Higgs, it validates an unprecedented revolution in our understanding of fundamental physics and brings science closer to dispensing with the need for any supernatural shenanigans all the way back to the beginning of the universe—and perhaps even before the beginning, if there was a before. 
Indeed, now that we have the "God Particle" will we find that there is no longer a need for deity? I mean, at this point, don't we have to admit that this is all really just the result of a chaotic process of unfolding events in spacetime, guided by particles moving along a patterned grid of perpetual creation and destruction?

But what if the different types of particles are just various sects of infinitesimally Lilliputian monks who all belong to the same larger religion?

There is a reason that there has always been a story of God/dess among humans.

Many of us need the story of God/dess as the portal or lens through which we experience the universe. God/dess gives our story a context. It builds a skeleton of meaning for our lives to hang upon. There will never not be a need for that among some people, just as others build their skeleton of meaning around science alone, or around watching their soap operas, or around following a band or sports team. Particles arrange themselves in spacetime to create unique events. Each of these unique events has a story. Each of us is a unique event that has a story. For some of us, the story is God/dess.

Beginnings and beginninglessness...where does the story begin? Where does it end? Is there a full and measurable cycle that repeats? The mind likes those clean corners, but what if there is no beginning or end? What if there is only process unfolding and iterating? Science and religion both suggest a "beginning" and an eventual collapse of the unique event of this plane of existence, but in terms of a larger beginning or end?...well, we don't actually need to worry about that right now. 

Recently, I was trying to teach my concept of the Divine to a class, and the best language I could find was, "God/dess is not a static thing. It is a dynamic thing. It is actually not a thing at all, it is the act of thinging..."

Oscillations in the Void

I saw on Facebook a day or two after the announcement was made that my colleague Michael Strojan had posted this image. I am not sure if he made it or just shared it, but I found it thought-provoking.

So, is the Higgs-Boson a God/dess? Well... it's a thing. It's actually a thing thinging. It has a story: a named and now-observable, measurable and repeatable phenomenon of selfhood within the scaffold of the religion we call science. It was "real" all along unto itself, but it now has "reality" cred in the minds of the human species. It is now a "thing" to us. When the concept of the Higgs-Boson was brought forth 50 years ago, its skeleton story of reality began to form in human consciousness. Twenty years ago, the name "God Particle" was parenthetically assigned to it, thus personifying it within the story as a character rather than a setting or process, of which it is actually also both. It is, literally, the wave enactment in the ground of being that creates and destroys reality. We now know that, we know it in an evidentiary and experiential way that makes it "real" to us. The delineation of the Higgs-Boson as "real" gave it mass. Until we observed it, it did not "have mass" to us. It was a mystery. It was a potential. It was a thought. It was a mystery-potential-thought. A hypothesis, if you will. We knew it could make stuff because we could see the stuff, but we couldn't see the making. So, some humans personified it, since our human subjectivity posits the human understanding of something, even something that is non-human, at the center of the view. Isn't that how God/dess(es) are also made?

Admitting that all religion, belief, or faith is a choice of scaffold upon which to hang a personal or collective story seems a fair and reasonable footing for the next step in the evolution of understanding around science and God/dess. For those who base their religion or spiritual practice on the concept of belief in God/dess, they will find an imaginal way to work this in or they will stand at the outskirts of it, shouting at it to go away. For those whose religion is based on faith in science, well, they sort of knew it was all there all along. The proof makes things more interesting, opens new doors. Achievement unlocked. For those who do not see God/dess as a static thing, but rather as the thinging of all the things, well, we are pretty blessed to be able to both ACKNOWLEDGE the scientific evidence and say THAT'S STILL GOD/DESS. I never had a quarrel with science. When my entire world is based upon my choice to acknowledge or accept any idea I want, I can allow for a broad spectrum of understanding to shape my personal story of existence. I have a multi-dimensional, and very colorful, skeleton of a story that I like to hang my life on.

Cool, maybe I will trance out and channel the Higgs-Boson! Lol!

In the era of High Ceremonial Physics, there is still a choice to enact your Will, a choice to evolve along a theme for the sake of beauty, elegance, or emotion. There is still a choice to personify anything, anything at all, actually, if you subscribe to the concept of particle animism. Which I do. It's still all a choose-your-own-adventure story, folks.

I'd like to note that, as I sat hunched over my computer watching the announcement - an excited physics witch who only knows enough to be dangerous- much of what was said was completely over my head. Life didn't actually change much. My altar candles still glowed. My cats still prowled the house. The night was still quiet. The stars moved in their arcs of light above, arcs of light millions of years old, streams beaming forth along currents, like information flows, like umbilical cords made of energy, like strands of hair trailing from the divine brow of the Goddess, and I watched with joy the birth of a New Story. Blessed be.