Sexual Violence, Justice, and Magic

Yesterday, on Facebook, a colleague of mine sent out this impassioned plea:

Dear ones...

You know I never do this, which I hope will tell you how important this is.

A 12 year old girl who is extremely close to my family was raped today; it happened in her other set of grandparent's house, while they were home, and was committed by her cousin (who has been caught trying to do this before.)

The grandparents are equally to blame here; they say they heard her kicking and screaming and being beaten, and it was just "them roughhousing upstairs". They refuse to believe the police report or the doctors examination showing blood, wounding, and obvious visible signs of penetration. They tried to have their son/her father arrested when he blew up because of what had happened to his daughter.

I need your rage, your hurt, your curses, and every evil stitch you have in your body; I want to bring this man down further than simple "justice", and I want that set of grandparents who are defending their grandson who raped their own granddaughter in their house to suffer just as much as he will.

I cannot reveal names; Im trying to do as much as I can to protect this child's identity so I cannot even reveal the name of her attacker. Instead, Im providing this picture (which will be a centerpiece of my own work) as a point of focus if you wish to lend me some of the worst you can summon. Print this picture out if you would and unleash your worst through it; together we can make this significantly worse that I alone can manage.

I will be beginning my work shortly after midnight eastern time tonight. I deeply, deeply thank those who participate.

I thought about this heartsick call for a minute, then replied with this:

I am so very sorry to hear this. You say to muster every evil stitch, but justice is not evil. These people receiving whatever the highest possible method of corrections the Goddess has to offer is not evil- it is justice. We are doing a candle for this young woman, and for justice served against all who have victimized her in body or spirit, right now.

Then Iris and I went to the altar at The Sacred Well, where we were both at work. Weeping, Iris dressed and together we lit a candle that said, "Justice for you is justice for all." We held this little girl in our hearts, this little girl who only just now suddenly and without warning or preparation became a woman long before that was necessary. Blessed be those parents and families who protect their children and give them safety for a bit longer in today's world, where they are being constantly bombarded with unhealthy messages about sexuality! And may Justice visit those who perpetrate sexual crimes upon anyone, but especially children!

I posted this photo on my own Facebook wall with the request that others add their magic to this working for Justice. Several people replied in the affirmative, and I watched as women, men, elders, youngsters, people who are normally filled with jokes, and people who might otherwise not comment too often jumped in to offer their support. And of course they did. I believe that the well-being of children is something that everyone can get behind. Whether we have or want any children of our own, no one wants to hear about a child being raped. The thought gives an especially horrific shudder to parents who fear, and those in education and medicine who know, just how bad it can get.

After posting this, I went home and did my own working with the Black Madonna for Justice in this situation. She protects all children, and is the special comforter of those who have been sexually wounded or victimized in domestic situations.

Today, I noted with great interest that both Jerry Sandusky, former Penn State Coach accused of 48 counts of sexual abuse, and Msgr William Lynn of Philadephia, accused of endangering children with his complicity in covering up multiple instances of sexual abuse of children by priests in his Archdiocese were found guilty in high-profile cases that have been unfolding for some time now.


I believe in Justice. I believe there is a Divine Order to the universe, and that it is the natural balance to the Divine Chaos. I believe that this Divine Order/Divine Chaos is a sentient, adapting, swirling dance that brings forth some painful things, prevents some painful things, delivers blessings, delivers mediocrity, delivers ecstasy, delivers, horrors, delivers justice. I believe in an All from which All proceeds and to which All returns. Thus, I do not stop to ask, "How could (deity) let this happen?" when something goes wrong -- I just get to work on correcting it immediately, on as many levels as possible. I work to create Justice by being a truth teller, even when it is uncomfortable. I work to create Justice by performing magic and rituals to create balance, to shed light in areas of murky ethical disposition, by living my principles, and by invoking the powers that are dedicated to the propagation of Justice.

I do not need to assign any single outcome of Justice in my magic, though I may hold one in mind. I trust in the grand design when my own view might be limited. I do not do magic for revenge- that is unnecessary. Done properly, Justice magic will allow you a peace of mind in seeing complete energetic and physical rectification of many wrongs. The one catch I have found is that you have to be patient, and live long enough to see it through. Some people are not patient, and spend a lot of time bitter before they get relief of seeing an oppressor or victimizer come to Justice. Others, sadly, die before they get a chance to see something come to Justice. Some cases are just too deep to get through very quickly: some family feuds, cyclic or unchecked woundings (such as a pattern of abuse shared by multiple individuals in a family or community), wounding to a population as a whole. It is rare that we are able to see the epic scale of Justice required to bring these kinds of circumstances into alignment. But we do, from time to time, get to see Justice in action in our own lives, and it is enough to give us that spark: we know that it happens, that it's out there, that it is possible. From there, magic seems a natural next step to open the way for Justice to happen, and to be visible to us in its machination...for our personal universe to return to a semblance of balance.

Today, however, we have the rare opportunity to see the opening for some epic Justice. These two men in the news abused/allowed the abuse of multiple children and young people in the most horrific and vulnerable of ways, and today they were named and shamed for it, publicly, convicted and pinned with the label of sexual abuser/abuse enabler. Sandusky, the football coach, will be sentenced in about 90 days, around Autumnal Equinox, and may he be the Straw Man sacrificed to send the strong lesson that He is likely to spend the rest of his life in jail. Lynn, the Monsignor, will be sentenced on August 13, one of the Feasts of Hekate, and may She illuminate the way for the highest possible sentence: 7 years. This is right and good, and should come to pass.

Justice for these victims IS justice for all.  Even knowing that someone else got Justice gives each of us a lift toward envisioning more widespread Justice, which is one step toward manifesting it. I am glad for today's display of Justice. May this level of scrutiny and conviction continue in all matters of sexual abuse and assault, especially for children, but for ALL people.

I'm not one to automatically assume a coincidence is a confirmation. I am a proof person, to be sure. But when the magic I am doing aligns with larger spirals of energy in the Universe, then at least it feels like I am doing something right. Last night, a good many of us lifted our voices and hearts toward Justice for a nameless 12-year-old girl. Today, Lady Justice let us know She was listening by responding with these twin guilty verdicts. I hope Her energy is a swift and effective for our young friend. Our voices, physically and magically, are powerful. Will you lift your voice daily against sexual violence? Weekly? With each Moon? Can we make a promise to keep reminding one another to speak about it with the clarity and innocence of the child who knows to say, "This is wrong?"  The more we do this, the more we each heal our inner children who were victimized, the more we create healing for our partners and friends who have been victimized, the more we heal the world of the power imbalances that are responsible for this kind of brutality and evil. Many of us, for a moment last night, knew ourselves to be holy in our rage as we prayed for Justice for this little girl, and for her healing. Do we have it in us to continue to pray, for her, for each other? To continue to speak up and out? Until such a time when sexual violence is no longer a blight upon humanity?

I am prepared to speak up and pray forever for the eradication of sexual violence, through many lifetimes if need be. I am ready for truly epic Justice. Are you?