Hometown Shrines: The Ocean Goddess

This weekend I was able to film a few installments of Hometown Shrines, and I received word from some more folks that they are working on videos and photo essays for the project as well.

Anywhere there is life, there is holiness. Please share your sacred places with me for this project by sending me your links to youtube videos and photo essays of the places that carry a personally-holy energy for you. Where is your urban oasis? Where do you leave offerings? What does that statue in your town mean to you? Do you have a garden shrine? An outdoor altar? Have you ever looked at a civic monument and wondered why they chose that image, or what that image means? Do you have a place where you go sit and commune with the divine that you think others might enjoy seeing? Email me at rabbit (at) sacredwell (dot) com.

Today, I am excited to share my very favorite hometown shrine: the ocean goddess of Bolinas, CA. The village of Bolinas is...quirky. And they like it that way. The locals tend to take down any road signs that would guide a traveler to find them. You kind of just have to know about Bolinas to get there. It's a local Avalon of sorts, for hippies, wanderers, artists, surfers, and kindred spirits of that ilk. At the center of the village there is a shrine to Mama Ocean that I have gratefully visited for years. I filmed it on Saturday the 14th, after having visited the Muir Woods with Albert, my dear friend Angelina, and my goddessdaughter Princess Pomegranate. En route, we pulled over and saw an amazing sight: a pupping beach filled with pregnant and just-born mama and baby seals. You can see a baby seal cuddled up to the mama seal at the front of this photo:

We were just enchanted with this, naturally. Then we headed to Bolinas where I filmed the following:

Blessed be the fruiting of Spring, the rising of the bloodtide in our pounding hearts, the quickening of love and compassion as we witness, again and again, the power of life's renewal! All hail the Ocean Goddess! May She renew, with our help and adoring ministrations! May Her sacred children be healthy and well! May we all do our part to make this a reality, starting NOW! Blessed be!