My Heart is a Lotus of Radiance

My Heart is a Lotus of Radiance: Post-PantheaCon Reflections
From the Cosmick Ocean of a Dianic Priestess

Guest Blog at Way of the Rabbit By Rosmarinus Stehlik (Lady Ro)

By Waxing Moon and Radiant Starlight, I have consciously chosen, with Altruistic Intent, to share the secret labyrinth of myself with the Greater World as a Whole. This is an immeasurably challenging step to take as a sentient being accustomed to dancing within vast internal landscapes of perpetual dreaming and blissful movement with the Divine Multiverse as a Solitary Witch; however, a long trajectory of occult experiences and recent epiphanies - together with growing older through the spiral of Time - have lent themselves to sparking an unprecedented urgency within to serve Community in a less clandestine manner, to facilitate union with, and to invoke the co-creation of a Transpersonal Stream of Expression singing the Lullaby of the Radiant Future into Being.

I identify my Life as a Multifaceted Jewel - the Wholeness of which is comprised of infinitesimal aspects of Nature and Nurture - some part, Mystery. Past, Present and Future, together with Cycles of Karmic Incarnation, speak through me via the Entirety of the Eternal Cosmos: an Ever-Evolving Supreme Teacher and Mentor Nourishing and Guiding the Holistic Totality of my Soul. I am a Priestess of the Wyrding in this Dance. I acknowledge that nanosecond by nanosecond, Entire Universes, Concepts and Realities Rise and Subside within me. Issuing from the Thousand-Petaled Lotus of my Heart, I hear the Sacred Names of My Many Selves Whispering My Truth:

I Am Woman; Daughter; Lover; Magyar Romany; Boszorkany; Tunder; Siciliana Strega; Eclectic Witch; Priestess of the Great Goddess; Shamaness; Oneiromancer; Occultist; Artist of Movement, Sound and Vision; Minerval Initiate of the O.T.O; Kindred of the Earth and Sky; Moonchild; Heavenly Constellation; Fire Dancer; Dew of the Ocean; Healer; Dreamer; Teacher; Truth seeker & Seer; Oracle; Weaver; Creatrix; Spell caster; Singularity; Triplicity; Multifarious Being; the All and the Void - endless Epithets of Self-Identity issuing from what T. Thorn Coyle refers to as “The Deep Well of One’s Spiritual Path” which imbued my self-acceptance with the Power to Identify these aspects within - to Dream and to re-assemble the Galaxies of the Self in the Spirit of Wholeness and Truth: I call that Deep Well within me, Dianic Feminist Witchcraft.

I bring this massive Invocation of Self-Naming to the Table in order to share the ambiance in motion that informs My Cosmick Views. This Self-Naming has disclosed itself, anew, to express the Arenas in which My Service to the Cosmick Plan of the Multiverse has found Purpose in the Greater Scheme of Things. I am Dianic Priestess - ordained clergy of the Z Budapest Tradition. Simultaneously, I am Free Agent with Magickal Autonomy, with Vast Galaxies of Mystical Self Knowing - holding Pre-Existing Spiritual Wisdoms - that I Brought to the Table before being Gifted with this title to Serve Womankind in the Dianic Sphere.

Before delving into the article to come, I share the vibration of Personal Power and Spiritual Lineage that speak through me - granting me the strength to embrace the current, tumultuous evolution of Gender Politics within Goddess Spirituality with presence, as experienced over the course of the last two Pantheacon Events I have attended, and to welcome its unfolding as a Gift of further Self-Actualization.

I am Driven by the Spirit of Co-Creation with my Occult Peers to Give Birth to the Radiant New Aeon. In this process, I witness My Life as a Living Work of Art in Perpetual Motion. No one person is One-Dimensional. Our Mystery Re-weaves Itself for Transpersonal Reasons when surrendering to the Cosmick Plan beyond one’s own singular Life. This Vibration informs my Quest in this Lifetime.

From the darkest manifestation of Patriarchal legacy, I came to the Gates of Dianic Witchcraft to Consolidate the Deepest Aspects of my Selfhood. It was the Temple of Women’s Sovereignty that pulled me out of a morbid place, dusted me off, and cast the Circle of Sacred Space around me in which Compassionate Love and Support spoke in gentle waves of understanding; this safe space is where my Unique Mysteries and Personal Shamanism were granted the Holy Realm in which to unfold into States of Poignant Grace. Many moons later, this Sisterhood held Sacred Space as I recognized the High Priestess-within, She of My Own Destiny that I had been carrying within me from the beginning, and who chose to Blossom into those latent Powers that I had already possessed in this Nurturing Environment. This Inner Self-Actualization exploded with the vigor of a Cosmick Ocean, awaiting my permission to come rushing home to Shore.

Sacred Space initiated Deep Levels of Shadow Work within myself in which I took Full Accountability for my Life as a Witch, a Woman and a Priestess; for manifesting my Cosmick Purpose, for expressing my Visceral Truth, and for relinquishing the Illusory Expectations that I held of others which contributed to my own suffering and to the collective suffering of Humankind, in turn. This Temple of Sacred Space enabled the Manifestation of the Body of the Great Goddess personified by this Sisterhood and provided the sphere in which I explored my Unique Wisdom on an Alchemical level by ensuring the recognition of the Great Goddess outside myself as witnessed in each other. Insights of Wisdom came through finding Relation in Sharing Stories with Kindred Women in this context; inspired us to Celebrate our Collective Diversity; to Name Our Universal Struggles; to Celebrate our Strengths; to Mutually Observe the Seasonal Tides of the Universe and Our Interconnection with Immanence as It Spoke Through Us; moved us to Collectively gaze through the Lens of Our Blood Mysteries; primed us to Trust the Whispers of Truth and the Mysterious Guidance that propelled us to Evolve; honed Our Empowerment; encouraged us to Witness and to facilitate each other’s Healing; brought Life Force to the Temple of Honoring Ritual Cycles and Intuitions of the Deeper Mysteries as a Sisterhood, and invoked the Reverence within us to cherish the Occult Temple-within and without that Articulated Our Rites of Passage as a Womankind.

The Silence and Introspection enabled by and Sanctity cultivated within Safe space is immeasurable and imperative in the Journey of Self Determination for any Group enduring the Realms of Patriarchy in Its own way. Feminist Witchcraft granted me this Time-Space Continuum in which to Re-weave my Unique Vision with Clarity on my own terms as a Female Sentient Being, whilst holding Sacred Space for the Sanctity of that Process to do as it Will, for the good of All, and it Harm none.

Through the paradigm of Feminist Witchcraft, I learned to Respect my Righteous Rage as a catalytic force of action invoking Change. This Internal Fire became the alchemical vehicle of Self-Understanding - assisting my Will to celebrate the Beauty of my Womanhood, to be present with personal Losses and Victories, and which galvanized my craft to express my Bless-ed Truth as a Self-Empowered Soul of Auspiciousness. It put words to the language that already resided within me in order to name my pain; and as such, assisted the detoxification of the Greater Body Mind and Spirit of Womankind as a Whole as the illusions binding women to places of victimization melted into the Cosmick Aether - Transmuted via my dedication to, and discipline within the personal Spiritual work I had engaged. This Transmutation grants the Whole of Womankind Collective Life Vitality and inspires commitment to cultivate Trust within the Greater Destiny of Womankind beyond one’s self.

I have evolved light years since those Dark Nights of the Soul; since I first came to the Gates of Feminist Witchcraft. It is this Truth that fosters my Reverence for the foundation of Self-Determination and Women’s Culture enabled by the Current of Dianic Witchcraft.

After ascending through the Seven Gates of My Past Personal Tribulations, I have found Arenas of Women’s Sovereignty to be the Transformational, Healing Salve of Sanity that informed my process. For this Truth, I am indebted to Its Blessedness. The Path of Dianic Witchcraft inspires my devotion to uphold the Sanctity of Women’s Sovereignty for others, in kind and to move beyond myself in the Spirit of Service in order to serve the Cosmick Self-Determination of Womanhood on a Transpersonal Level. This Internal Evolution has been informed by Transpersonal Concerns in Relation to Women’s Self Determination and has widened my Embrace in the Quest to Nurture the Heart of the Essence of Liberation for ALL Sentient Beings.

This brings me to Personal Reflections upon the Collective Sacred Work Facing Us as A Magickal Family of the Cosmos - Walking toward Our Co-Created Future - Following the Lessons Learned via Pantheacon 2011 and 2012.

There are many that have chosen to address various Realities, Individuals and circumstances regarding this heated gender debate that has polarized many Factions of the Greater Pagan Community. These created divisions involve many leaders, teachers, practitioners, individuals and Communities as a whole within the Greater Pagan Realm. Many are being called to task to answer for their part, their views, and their commitments with regards to the Semantics of the matter at hand. Many are being called to disclose their stance with clarity within this raging firestorm that grips our current times. Many are being asked to engage Deep Soul Searching in the Quest to Cultivate more Compassionate approaches to the core issues of the Gender Debate. Many, such as myself, have risen to embrace the Work of this New Paradigm Shift, with All of Its Challenges and nuances, in the Spirit of Mindfulness and with the Intent of invoking the Aspects necessary for the cultivation of Enlightenment required to move forward in this debate. Many have written eloquent musings to face these Greater Transformations of Consciousness; others, more scathing ones disclosing the immediacy, intimacy, and intensity of the energies driving this debate of Gender Self-Determination, and raising questions as to what Womanhood ultimately means within the Greater Scheme of Things vis-à-vis Our understanding of Womankind as an Ever-Evolving Phenomenon bearing impact upon the Female Gender at its Core.

Without going into great detail, that others have eloquently engaged, regarding the play-by-play events that transpired at this year’s Pantheacon event (see links below for the trajectory of this unfolding phenomenon), I have found myself arriving at a place that has raised more Questions than Answers within me, and these questions are sound.

Upon Reflection, the main item of contemplation that stood out for me, following the Pantheacon Experience of the Women’s Self Blessing Ritual, was the need to ensure Safe Space for individuals more diligently on a Multi-Dimensional level that does not compromise the Security, Sanctity, and Importance of that Space for Individuals in Need. There was much Drama that unfolded - many political agendas at play, that I feel caused Great Harm to innocent bystanders Seeking Solace in their Spiritual Work, caught in the Cross-fire of this Gross Drama. This disturbed me on a Deep Level insofar as egos and agendas undermined the Greater Shamanism yearning to consummate Its Desires. Many Sacred and Valid Concerns were played out; however, the Spiritual Martial Arts of Our Community’s Quest shall be to hone the Skills and Eloquence required to address these issues in a more Timely and Respectful Way in order to Protect the Spirit Life of the Innocent. This will require the Stamina of Great Devotion that shall find a Way to Address Every Facet of this Unfolding Reality in the Spirit of Co-Creation. I offer a fraction of these questions here for the Entirety of Our Beings to contemplate with this one inquiry:

How can the Collective and Singular “WE” Serve Our Greater Cosmick Community as Neophytes Standing upon the Precipice of a Great Paradigm Shift of Co-Creation Welcoming a Magickal Future into Our Lives in the Spirit of Love and Altruism?

This is the Sacred Intent at the Heart of My Service, moving Forward.

I choose to declare Allegiance with Trans/Personal Truths to Ensure Clarity of Intent:

- I Recognize Myself as A Conduit of Cosmick Consciousness Facilitating the Unfolding of the Greater Cosmick Plan of the Sacred Multiverse Through All Time and Space.

- I am Committed to the Ultimate Goal of Women’s Liberation in all of Its Multifarious Incarnations, known, and yet to be known, within the Greater Time-Space Continuum.

- I am committed to embracing the Natural Evolution Within and Outside Myself that holds me as an Ally to this Cosmick Purpose, and requires of me to expand Personal Experience, Spiritual Understandings, Continuing Education, and Mindful Consciousness in order to contribute to the Achievement of Its Manifestation on a Global and Cosmick Level within the Ever-Evolving NOW, Moving Forward.

- I am committed to the Personal Truth that the Right of Womankind to declare the perimeters of Its Holy Temple of Women’s Sovereignty is a Sacred Rite, and that this Truth is to be Revered rather than Ridiculed, in order to Welcome Deeper Dialogue of this Phenomenon Outside itself. It is this Spirit of Mindfulness that shall engage the Mystery of its Healing Model being shared with others, in the Ever-Evolving Now, in order to Heal the Hurts of Patriarchy beyond itself. This Distribution of Wisdom bears its own process of Intelligence, its own Time and Season of Unfolding, which must be honored within the Greater Context of the Pagan Community seeking the fruits of its Grace.

- I am committed to the Personal Truth that in this Knowing, Womankind shall open up to the dialogues of Female Self-Determination that are yet to be understood as the Planet commits Itself to invoking a New Egalitarian Paradigm born of the Spirit of This Co-Creation and Mindfulness.

- I am committed to the Personal Truth that I am an Ally of the Self-Determination of ALL Sentient Beings on Earth Suffering the Machinations of Patriarchy. Transgender Women are a Part of that Paradigm Shift as I declare personal commitment to the Inclusive Nature of My Love regarding the Unfolding Consciousness of Liberation in Our Co-Created Future .

-I devote my work to maintaining the measures that must be utilized in facilitating guidance and/or the holding of Sacred Space required for those that suffer with the same Spirit of Commitment that drives my Protection of Women’s Sovereignty in the Lives of *Cisgender Women (moving forward I reserve the right to utilize the term “res-gender” Women in place of the prefix “cis” as a political symbol of Self-Empowerment inspired by the writing of Max Dashu: see (Disclaimer: let it be clear that the resgender neologism is being utilized for the purpose of clarity in order to convey my perspective on the female gender of the species, which trumps the imposition of Patriarchal language and consciousness brought into my Vision of Womankind from Dichotomy-driven Realms. Max Dashu is in no way trying to formalize any universal terminology as descriptor of the Truths/Experiences of ALL Women. More on the Cisgender nomenclature, another time)).

-Within the Paradigm Shift of Liberation, I am further committed to the Personal Truth that Every Sentient Being surrendering to Enlightenment has a Personal Obligation and Responsibility to engage the Internal Work required to manifest contributions of Culture that shall Elevate the Earth’s Collective Vibration in the Future of this Vision of Enlightenment. There is Great Patience that shall have to be observed in this process. The Spirit of Egalitarianism, Mindful Dialogue and commitment to Mystical Service shall be the prelude to the Manifestation of said Future of Liberation. Furthermore, every being holds a personal responsibility to Participate in this Co-Creation, and must have the Greater Altruistic Purpose of Cosmick Unity as its Goal, moving beyond concepts of “Good and Evil”, which shall require the relinquishing of modalities that speak of expectation, aggression, ill-informed entitlement and egoism.

-I am committed to the Personal Truth that we are All Profound Leaders in our Own Right; and as such, bear Great responsibility to becoming an agent of Gentle Loving Kindness in Our Thoughts, Words, and Deeds as these have an impact upon the Greater Group Mind of Our Evolution towards Our Collective Higher Selves. We also have a responsibility to each other to embrace the openness that is required for one to be Teacher, Student, and Ally of the New paradigm of Cosmick Consciousness.

-I am committed to the Transpersonal Truth that Every Sentient Being on Earth is a Cosmick Creature in Which the Immortal Fires of the Entire Universe burn; and as such, we have a deep responsibility to cherish the Sacredness in One Another, and to pay Reverence to one another for that Shared Reality. This Truth moves beyond Human existence to encapsulate every aspect of the Cosmos, from stardust to every microorganism on Earth, and everything in between.

-I am committed to the Personal Truth that Every Sentient Being on Earth has the Right to Invoke the Freedom to express their True Will, as they wish to Express it, for the Good of All, and It Harm None. No One Being, Organization, Group, or Entity has the Right to Stifle the Unfolding of the Pure Nature of Another’s Expression of This Truth via Force, Coercion, or a number of Infinitesimally subtle methods of Patriarchally-Modeled Domination that tends to be employed under such circumstances. With this in mind, it shall be imperative that we move forward with the willingness to cultivate consensuality and maturity in our process of Egalitarian dialogue vis-à-vis subjects of a Challenging Nature.

-I am Committed to the Personal Truth that the ill-informed conduct of another Sentient being, group of beings, leaders, individuals, et al, does not grant any individual license or the right to espouse behaviors that smack of Cruelty, Judgment, Self-Righteousness, Hatefulness, Hurtfulness, Slander, Hostility, Misrepresentation, Assumption or any of a number of other forms of intentional, or unintentional manifestations of Ignorance in Thought Word and Deed in the face of this perceived trespass. On the other hand, we ALL bear a great responsibility in facilitating Collective Healing and Introspection in relation to these Realities in the Spirit of Mindful Compassion as we move toward Our Higher Selves, Individually, and as a Whole.

-I am committed to the Personal Truth that misogyny, misandry, elitism, dichotomy thinking, and any of a number of prejudices wielded in the spirit of destruction, along with all of its collective machinations, hold no place in my personal paradigm.

- I am committed to the Personal Truth that We Honor Our Selves and Our Bless-ed Future when we pay Homage to Our Elders. I feel that we must employ the Collective Reverence that cherishes the Foundational leg-work that Elders have wrought in order to prime our Current times in advancing toward its next state of Cosmick Liberation.

- I am also committed to the Truth that we must deeply scrutinize the Blessings and Errors of these achievements, as a way of Honoring All of Humanity, with said introspection that we are willing to place upon our own conduct in kind. In the spirit of this, and in order to keep our intent pure, I honor the words of Pierre Telliard de Chardin who declared that, “We are not human beings having a Spiritual Experience, we are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.”

- I am committed to the Personal Truth that the Human Soul is a Vast and Complex Entity forged by infinitesimal perceptions, experiences, propensities, and possibilities; and as such, no one being can be merely defined by the affiliations they hold, which serves to maintain Illusory perceptions of said individual within the lives of those outside that being’s paradigm, entrenching individuals in delusional dichotomies of ego-driven self righteousness for the sake of maintaining false comfort zones. We have a Collective Responsibility as Spiritual Beings to push beyond the confines of our Wildest Imaginings in order to challenge our own precepts for the express Purpose of Invoking Collective Enlightenment for the Planet. Every Sentient Being is Sacred, a free agent of one’s own Destiny. Sweeping Statements that label and dismiss individuals, organizations, and entire groups of individuals or realties undermine our Deeper Purpose, and our Collective capacity to understand the Greater Nature/Aspects of the Human Spirit as a whole, where the Nature of Our Collective Work Together resides, as we Journey toward Enlightenment.

- I am committed to the Transpersonal Truth that Every Sentient Being must commit their Efforts, Merits and, Achievements to the attainment of Bodhichitta, for Individual Enlightenment, and for the Enlightenment of All Sentient Beings, from Beginningless Time, through Endless Space, and through the Innumerable Dimensions (Rede of CMAC).

Let it be known, before all else, that to support Women’s Sovereignty does not negate one’s commitment to facilitating the Liberation of what T. Thorn Coyle calls, “The Belov-ed Community”, that which includes All Sentient beings within and without the perceivable spectrum/planes of the five senses of Humanity that deserve mutual respect in this equation. Many more articles must be written to convey the vast scope of the complexities of Transformation currently under way in relation to Gender Politics within the Greater Pagan Community. For now, I have provided links to the articles below that go into deeper detail as to what has become the catalytic force of this Pagan Paradigm Shift in the making. Personally, this musing has become more about Contemplation; Asking Questions; Invoking Introspection regarding My Responsibilities of Service in this Cosmick Dance as an Ordained Priestess of Dianic Clergy.

I Embrace a Pan-Dianic Future with ALL of Its Cosmick Possibilities of Liberation to come.

The Gender Debate has engaged Reflection Upon the Roots of Our Belov-ed Community; it has asked us to scrutinize our Collective Part, our Roles, Our Energies, Our Integrities and Commitments that must be served; Our Responsibility to becoming an Ally of Co-Creation in this Future yet to be Born, and to reflect upon Our Work within the Greater Umbrella of Autonomous Paganism. I see myself as a Priestess, Teacher, and Devotee of the Cosmick Plan in this Auspicious Process.

In this work, I see the Transgender Community sitting upon the cusp of an Exhilarating Time for Great Self-Expression, requiring presence in the Creation of Sacred Vision to be shared as Divine Contribution to the Greater Voice of Goddess Spirituality. This Weaving is Imperative to the Process of Invoking Greater Understanding of the Transgender Paradigm, which does not require negating the Paradigm of Resgendered Womanly Experience in order to Elevate Itself. On the Contrary, mutually fostered understanding shall Elevate the ENTIRETY of WOMANKIND in the continued Unfolding of the Greater Mysteries of Goddess Spirituality through the Co-ally-ship Achieved in this Vision. Respectfully, Transgender Women will be called upon to engage the same level of commitment in deepening their understanding of and work within the arenas of Resgendered Women’s History - as endured in Relation to Patriarchal Arenas of Power Struggle - such as those found within the realms of Reproductive Rights, Child Care and Equal Pay for Equal Work, to name a few.

In order to move into a well-informed Vision of Our Collective Future of Co-Creation, a Great High Council will have to be Called in Waves that shall call forth the Voices that have Remained Silent in this Tumultuous dialogue; Namely, those of less Vocal Propensities: This will involve calling forth the insights of the extended Dianic Community and that of Transgender Women in a more Respectful and detailed manner. We will require insights from the spheres of Butch Dykes and Gender variant Beings; insights from Women of Color and Voices from Indigenous/Aboriginal/First Nations; Visions from the Realms of Women Living with Disabilities; Visions from Female Realities issuing from Cultures that do not subscribe to the Western Canon of Thought, to name but a few.

We stand upon a Great Precipice of Profound Transformation, and I Wish to Engage the Work of Soul Radiance as Priestessly Ally and Kindred Child of the New Aeon of Golden LOVEBLISSCONSCIOUSNESS to Come. There is Much Change on the Horizon, and we must dig Deeply into the Collective Core of the Labyrinth of Humanity to face these Transformations with Strength of Heart. I stand very poised for Deeper Wisdoms to Bring Mindful Clarity to my Cosmick Work. Many opinions differ with regards to the Semantics of this Work; many diverse views hold equal merit in my personal Paradigm~ and I feel we could ALL stand to be scrutinized equally in a probing manner of Blissful Truth above ALL else in our Ever-evolving Quest for Sublime Consciousness. I hold many TRUTHS in my Heart of Hearts that have equal value, and Surrender to Deeper Vibrations to Guide my Vision Quest in this Great Work. May we ALL Unfold in the Sacred Work and Service of the Higher Collective Self in order to facilitate the Divine Unfoldment of the Great Cosmick Plan!

*Bows with Reverence*

Lady RO ~ Soror CorvusRosmarinusUrania ~ R. Stehlik,
She Whose Heart is a Lotus of Radiance;
Whose Spirit is A Warrioress of Truth;
And Who Lives Life as Sacred Devotee of the Auspicious Unfolding of the Great Cosmick Multiverse.

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Author Bio:
Rosmarinus Stehlik is a Cosmick Creatrix in the purest sense~ engaging diversity within the Artistic Process in order to Unfold into the Deeper Mysteries of the Human Soul. She is Dianic Priestess, Witch, and Visual Artist utilizing many dialects of Creative expression which include, the Fine Arts of Sculpture, Drawing, Painting, Mask Making, Contemporary Dance, Sound/CHANT/Audio/Video, Prophecy, Ritual, MAGICK, Working Omens and Portents and Dreamtime Visions in order to engage Pure Surrender to the Divine. Her Artistic Voice is Imbued with the Shamanic Current of the Occult and Witchcraft~ forming the Foundation of Her Spiritual Truth. She comes from Eclectic Solitary Roots~ A woman of Magyar Romany & Siciliana Strega Heritage ~ A Child of the MOON & the STARS.

Viewing the entirety of Life as a Living Ceremony of Art, Rosmarinus Stehlik, better known as Lady Ro among her Lunar Kindred, is the Drive behind WYRDMAGICK.COM***TM. She has received Dianic Priestess Clergy Ordination in the Z Budapest Tradition, and holds a Vast Capacity for Embracing The Sacredness and Diversity inherent in the Multifarious Voice of the Pagan Paradigm. Pagan Unity and Women’s Sovereignty is of Primary Importance in her Transpersonal View with Gentle Loving Kindness at its Deepest Heart. Her Spiritual Paradigm is COSMICK Feminism with LOVEBLISSCONSCIOUSNESS and Mindfulness as Its CORE Ethos. Lady Ro is a Graduate of McMaster University in Canada holding two Honours B.A Degrees in Fine Arts and Art History, respectively; with a minor degree in Religious Studies specializing in Cross-Cultural Spirituality and Feminist Witchcraft.