How to even begin to talk about it?

Many people reading this already know me a bit, but many more do not. I can't possibly explain my whole self in a blog post, or even a whole blog. And, actually, I am not an unchanging, static "self," but I play one on this reality show called Life As a Human Being.

I am an evolving, dynamic, and ever-changing co-creatrix of this multi-dimensional plane we call existence. I am surfing the tides of creation and destruction as best I can, just like you. When it comes to my spiritual path(s), I have studied many and I admire the architecture in all of them. But I honestly can't claim to be a fully-devoted member of any single religion, nor have I ever been. The structures of religion and spiritual Tradition fascinate and enlighten me continuously with insights into the nature of the deals we make with ourselves in order to explore truths far more vast than our minds are usually capable of handling.

Here are some of the things that inspire my journey. Here are some of the deals I have made with myself.

I believe in this:

Then I had a vision of a red woman, naked, lacking even the covering of bone ornaments, who thrust her bhaga against my mouth, and I drank deeply from her copious flow of blood. My entire being was filled with health and well-being, I felt as strong as a snow-lion, and I realized profound absorption to be the inexpressible truth.

-Yeshe Tsogal's vision of the eternal tantra and the succor of feminine life force, while on retreat in a cave, 8th CE

I believe in this:

Our personal attempts to live humanely in this world are never wasted. Choosing to cultivate love rather than anger just might be what it takes to save the planet from extinction.

What is it that allows our goodwill to expand and our prejudice and anger to decrease? This is a significant question. Traditionally it is said that the root of aggression and suffering is ignorance. But what is it that we are ignoring? Entrenched in the tunnel vision of our personal concerns, what we ignore is our kinship with others. One reason we train as warrior-bodhisattvas is to recognize our interconnectedness-to grow in understanding that when we harm another, we are harming ourselves. So we train in recognizing our uptightness. We train in seeing that others are not so different from ourselves. We train in opening our hearts and minds in increasingly difficult situations.

-Pema Chodron, The Places That Scare You, contemporary

I believe in this:

I, myself, am far from perfect. I constantly make mistakes. During the writing of this book, in fact, I sometimes made mistakes that seemed so bad I thought I probably should not even be writing it.

But I do my best to learn from my mistakes, to forgive myself, try to repair the damage, and go on. And I have been thinking about this subject for years now. I suspect you, too, have been thinking about it, or you wouldn't be reading this. So you can add my thinking to yours, and perhaps it will help...[everything] in your life is entirely up to you. And that is the root of our ethical system.

Personal responsibility.

-Robin Wood, When, Why, If?, 1996

I believe in this:

I bow to Oshun!
There is nowhere that it is not known that Oshun is as mighty as a King!
She dances, and takes the crown.
She dances without asking.
She arrives, and trouble is appeased.
She shakes her bracelets to come to the dance.
She dances in the depths of richness.
The water sounds like the bracelets of Oshun.
We call to Her, and She answers with wisdom.
She can heal what the doctor can't.
The Orisha who heals with cold water.
We can stay in the world without fear.

-Yoruba Traditional Homage to Oshun

I also believe in this:

Before the universe was born
there was something in the chaos of the heavens.
It stands alone and empty,
solitary and unchanging.
It is ever present and secure.
It may be regarded as the Mother of the universe.
Because I do not know its name,
I call it the Tao.
If forced to give a name,
I would call it 'Great',

Because it is Great means it is everywhere.
Being everywhere means it is eternal.
Being eternal means everything returns to it.

Tao is great.
Heaven is great.
Earth is great.
Humanity is great.
Within the universe, these are the four great things.

Humanity follows the earth.
Earth follows Heaven.
Heaven follows the Tao.
The Tao follows only itself.

-Lao-Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Just a peek at a small few of the things that inform my spiritual beliefs. I am not a leader because I am perfect. I am a leader because when everyone stands at the threshold, uncertain, I go ahead and enter to make sure it's safe. The entire world is my teacher. The entire universe is my home. Thanks for being on the journey with me. Blessed be.