Hometown Shrines

Gentle reader, please find below my offering of some videos I made on Spring Equinox with my very generous Digital Faerie friends, Firefly and Reyna, in Lincoln Park in Alameda. This is the first official installment of my new project, "Hometown Shrines." I'll be occasionally posting videos of local places that I experience as sacred, and offering whatever thoughts arise naturally while I am in that space. In time, I will begin accepting guest videos here on my blog along the same lines: homemade, simple videos of you in a local place that is holy to you. If you'd like to be part of that, please send me an e-mail at rabbit at sacredwell dot com and I'll send you the simple application form.

In the following videos, I offer thoughts about the Equinox, liminal spaces, privilege, ancestry, my grandmother, love, and some thoughts about process and time. Give yourself about 30 minutes if you'd like to watch all three. Blessed be, and thank you for being on this journey with me.


The People of the Mound:

In Memory of Memere:

Blessed Spring!