The Charge of the Sun God

In Spring of 200y or so, when CAYA was beginning to offer men's full moon circles under the direction of Capt. Jack of Bears, I began having dreams of the gods. Odin appeared three mornings in a row, each time wordlessly drawing the rune Jera into the air in front of my face where it left an imprint of light, and then I would wake up. Another night, Shango was playing the drums while Oshun danced. In another dream (my favorite), a gnome with muddy boots marched up from the foot of my bed, leaving footprints on the blanket. He stood on my chest, glared down and me, and said, "Well? What are you lazing about for? Get up and be a witch!" and then I woke up, laughing. These dreams continued for several months, into the Summer. In the last dream of the trend, I was speaking to the Merlin as a sort of disembodied Ascended Master/consciousness frequency. That night, I woke from that dream at 3:15 AM or so, and proceeded to write down the following prayer.

Charge of the Sun God
(written to complement and match the Charge of the Star Goddess, Z Budapest version found in the Holy Book of Women's Mysteries)

Hear ye the words of the Sun God.
the rays of whose fingers caress the Earth
whose body carries the seed of life:

I am the strength of the mountain
and the laughing, rushing river,
and the path of the sacred arrow,
and the hunger of the wild hunt.

Call unto your soul, "Arise!" and come unto me,
for I am the soul of survival
that gives courage to the hearts of all.

From me, your journey forth into the Mysteries,
and unto me,
you bear your defeats and victories.

Before my shrine of stone and tree,
let your divine innermost self be enfolded in the wisdom of the ancients.

Let my worship be in the heart that rejoices, for behold:
All acts of love and pleasure are my rituals!

Therefore let there be
Beauty and strength,
power and compassion,
honor and pride,
mirth and reverence
among you.

And those of you who seek to know me, know this:
that your seeking and yearning shall avail you not unless you know your divine power.
For is that what you seek you find not in this world,
then you must strive to create it.

For behold, I have been with you from the beginning,
and I am that which is ever-unfolding
in the endless dance of life, death and rebirth.

-Yeshe Rabbit, copyright 2007

The Brotherhood of the Moon and Green Men still use this Charge, and I am glad they like it. Most of our CAYA Priestesses have it memorized as well, and at Beltane each year we do them together, interspersing different lines and collecting around the shared lines, like the ever-popular "love and pleasure" line. Ever notice how even if someone does not know the rest of the Charge, they know that line? ;) Of course. These things make life sweet!

I am also a fan of Jason Mankey's Charge of the God over at Deep Pagan Thoughts, and Gatekeeper Jey's Charge of the Dark God, which I am hoping he will post and share soon. I wrote a companion Charge of the Dark Goddess as well, at our recent CAYA Clergy retreat.