Charge of the Dark Goddess

This past weekend at the CAYA Clergy Retreat, I was able to sit under a magnolia tree in the dappled sun and write for a long while. I was inspired by Gatekeeper Jey's Charge of the Dark God, which was based off my Charge of the Sun God, which is based on the Z Budapest version of Charge of the Star Goddess found in the Holy Book of Women's Mysteries. Yes, in CAYA we actually ARE a mutual appreciation society. We've learned that appreciation feels good, to give and receive, and makes our circles tighter.

I wrote this as a gift to my Bloodroot Honey sisters.

Charge of the Dark Goddess
in honor of courage and grace while growing

Hear ye the words of the Dark Goddess,
the blood of whose womb is the ocean of time,
whose body is just like mine.*

I am the wing of the black bird,
and the flight of the fertile queen,
and the shedding of the serpent,
and the grail of immortal wine.

Call unto your soul, "Arise!" and come unto me
for I am the soul of awakening
that opens and clears the mind.

From me you sip scarlet wisdom
and unto me you deliver your secrets.

Before my altar of garnet and gold,
let your divine, deepest self be my sacrifice
for the sake of renewal.

Let my worship be in the heart of courage, for behold:
all acts of blood and reverence are my rituals.

Therefore let there be beauty and strength,
power and compassion,
honor and pride,
mirth and reverence among you.

And those of you who seek to know me, know this-
that your seeking and yearning shall avail you not unless you know the Mystery:
that if that which you seek is pure magic,
it starts with the beat of your heart.
For behold! I have been with you from the beginning,
and when you gaze into the mirrored abyss,
I am there.

-Yeshe Rabbit, copyright 2012

* The Finno-Ugric Mordvin people, according to the book Goddesses in World Mythology, worshiped a sisterhood of animistic goddesses known as the "Avas." They are the divine indwelling "little mothers" of natural forces and daily life. One of these is called "Niske-Ava," and she is the Ava of women. She does not have any iconography. Rather, she takes the shape and appearance of any woman who is revering her. She is the goddess in the mirror. From the womb of time we draw forth that eternal inner "little mother" who looks back from our scrying glass, who sees our truth with clarity. She is wise and waiting. In this spirit, I write this prayer for all to experience the Goddess within, leaving no one out.