A memory that makes me smile

Some of you may have seen me wearing a copper dagger pendant. It's one of my favorite magical necklaces, dedicated to Oshun. I used to wear it for protection, but now I wear it to signify discernment and commitment to my vows as a priestess. (More on these vows at another time.)

Anyway, one day I was wearing this necklace, working at The Sacred Well with Iris. We had ordered pizza and soda for dinner, and I was setting the table. She poured me a glass of Coke. As I reached across the table to set a plate down, my pendant fell forward and dunked into my glass. Iris and I paused, looked at it, looked at each other. She said, "Rabbit, did you just accidentally perform the Great Rite in your Coke?" and we fell out laughing. :)