Ten Reasons to Love Humanity Anyway

The holidays can bring out the Krampus in anyone. Traffic, year-end financial woes (particularly the ones that are still difficult since LAST year-end, or the one before), rough weather, stories of unchecked and gross consumerism, the office party you had hoped to avoid...there are lots of reasons to kvetch, grump, whine, and crank about the general state of humanity. So, I thought I might post a few reasons to just go ahead and love humanity anyway. These things fill my heart with a genuine affection for people, and I hope they help you, too.

Ten Reasons to Love Humanity Anyway

10. Because when we are alone, we often sing passionately, loudly, and badly.

9. Because farts are universally funny, and we all know it, and we all do it, and we all laugh about it.

8. Because everyone looks better naked. It's not the size, shape or texture of their body that makes this so. It's the fact that they are naked that makes this so.

7. Because every annoying co-worker, unreasonable parent, screaming child, unstable passer-by, or otherwise difficult person has the capacity for a radiant, shy smile of surprised delight when treated with unexpected kindness.

6. Because we tend to reinvent the Wheel a lot, and it speaks volumes about our heartfelt desire to be smart and creative when we do so.

5. Because everyone's outer know-it-all is actually an inner genius.

4. Because everyone has at least one amazing talent they will only share when they feel safe that love is present.

3. Because everyone is worried about something in their lives that love could heal easily.

2. Because when you choose to go ahead and love humanity anyway, you have less time and energy to poison yourself with negative feelings.

1. Because when you choose to go ahead and love humanity anyway, that includes you.