Ritual for Justice

I am so moved by the Occupy events happening in Oakland and beyond. I stand with those who are literally occupying public areas in the first of what looks to be many pushes over the next year toward liberation of our nation's resources from the hands of very few who have created systems that deny many of us access to attaining a financial level equal to their own for the sake of limiting our power.

Last night, I mustered a small group of friends and Coven-mates (Iris, Firefly, Kian, and Viking Queen) and we offered a ritual in the labyrinth at Lakeside park in Oakland. We walked the labyrinth to its center singing one of my heart songs: "Mother of darkness, won't you guide us through the labyrinth to the truth? Mother of darkness, won't you carry us through the chaos to the truth?" At the center of the labyrinth, we offered individual prayers and blessings upon the city and the occupiers.

Then we began to raise a chant: "This land is holy land. It is holy because of what is happening upon it. These people are holy people. They are holy because of what is happening to them. Our voices are holy voices. They are holy because of what we are saying." (Note: I believe, as a practitioner of Tantra, that all is holy at all times. However, I came up with this chant as a way of really rooting the power of the sacred in what is a largely secular movement.) This chant morphed into a chant for, "Peace, justice, freedom for all! Peace, justice, freedom for all!"

We walked, chanting, the short distance from the labyrinth down to Lake Merritt, which houses the spirit of Oakland's Oshun (in my practice). We chanted, spoke prayers, sang into Her sacred, weedy waters, asking Her to rise from the Lake, shaking Her bracelets. We asked Her to rise and protect Her city and its just residents. We invoked Her power of healing as well as Her warrior power to be present to whatever degree was most needed. We sang some more, and the water birds and geese pulled in tightly around us, clustering in their flocks and listening.

I had written on red, white, and blue candles, "May peace prevail, may liberty prevail, may justice prevail." We ignited these and they are now burning in the Community Altar at The Sacred Well.

I intend to continue to support social justice in Oakland, the US and the world magically for as long as needed. I will definitely arrange more of these workings as necessary. I'd be interested to hear what your justice workings or magic on behalf of social change look like, as well.