Priestess of Aphrodite

Today is the 6th of the month- Aphrodite day. Each 6th of each month, I do something to honor her. I have it set to remind me in my phone calendar in case I forget or get distracted with my busy life.

Today, I forgot it was Aphrodite day. Usually the alarm goes off in the morning, but nothing today. I jumped in to my day and it was all blast-off.

This evening, I was on the phone with my mother. She told me this story about my grandmother. We are all in love with the Virgin Mary in my family. I love her as Black Madonna/Stella Maris/Kuan Yin/Aphrodite- they all run along the same or similar channels for me.

My grandmother had a terrible series of surgeries that were very painful. She was just beginning to recover when she had a stroke, then another. She went to the doctor and he told her she would need yet another surgery- a dangerous one. She was afraid, but said, "Thy will be done" and went along with it. Before she went in to the surgery, she asked the doctor how long her recovery would be and when she could go home. He looked at her, sized up her voluminous glittering jewelry and stylish hat and said, "You can go home when you're able to put your lipstick on again."

The day of the surgery came and she went in, went under, had the surgery. She was in recovery and the nurse sent my anxious mother to her own room to sleep and wait for my grandmother to wake up. About a half hour later the phone rang- the nurse called my mom. "We're losing her, her blood pressure is dropping rapidly and she isn't responding. You'd better come now."

My mom rushed back over there and the nurse said, "We've sent for the doctor. I'm going to consult with him. Go in there, hold her hand, talk to her, try to get her to wake up. She is slipping away. Try to connect with her and see if you can get her to wake up." My mom sat there, rubbing Memere's hand, saying, "Mom, you've got to stay with me. Come on, Mom, wake up. Come on." The machine was beeping, it was horribly scary. Then, all of a sudden, my mom saw Memere's eyes flutter a bit. My mom said, "Hey Mom, wake up! Come on!" All of a sudden, she heard my grandmother's voice, her lips barely moved, "GET ME MY LIPSTICK." By the time the doctor arrived, she was getting better, more stable, and the doctor had to renegotiate his deal.

This is where I come from, "Thy will be done," and "Get me my lipstick."

Memere, I miss you today, unbelievably. As my mom was telling me the story, I started to think that I ought to do a candle to Aphrodite in honor of my grandmother. She was so beautiful, and very glamorous.

Just as my mom concluded the story, my phone beeped and flashed at me: "Aphrodite day."

Dressing my candle with tears tonight.