Oh, Mexico

Today I REALLY was thinking about Mexico a lot. I wanted to report about it here. I guess this is the best way to do it:

Flight at 6 AM had to be a Hummingbird's at 4:30 got there at 5 made the flight anyway got picked up visited Carly (THANK YOU CARLY) stopped off at Jodi's house in Phoenix to pick all the herbs in her garden before we headed down the long, dusty road to Mexico.

Made it across the border without incident. Paseo. Cracked beers.

Hit the beach house at dusk, watched the sun go down across the Sonoran desert. Rested that night. Woke up early the next day.

Fill in three days of drinking beer, tequila, eating homemade everything, resting. I made a road trip into town with Rex to do errands, but mostly just sat around reading the mythology encyclopedia on the rooftop deck overlooking the sea. Got pounded by waves. Had a blast with Jodi, who always has such insight to share.

Every day, standing at the water's edge:
Aphrodite of the sea
friend of dove and sacred bee
queen of sensuality
lay your blessing upon me
that I may walk in love and beauty.

sang to Yemaya also.

Friday we went into town. The Malacon. Mary's shrimp shack, except now it's remodeled and deluxe. Gentrification is happening, but Mary is making more money, so that's a good thing. And she has margaritas again. Last year she didn't. They are great margaritas, naturally.

We walked through the street and these two Yaqui Shamans wearing masks and bamboo belts, carrying drums, were dancing in the street. They do this in the weeks leading up to Semana Santa, Holy Week. It is some kind of syncretization of their beliefs and Xianity. They do not speak, only dance and drum. You give them donations and they drum and rattle on your behalf. So we all gave them some money and they danced and drummed. Then they went on their way. Hummingbird encountered them again, and then we all did. The second time we encountered them, they came right up to us, took off their belts and wrapped them 'round our waists. Then they drummed and we danced. At the end, they hugged us. The one who hugged me whispered very, very quietly, "Belina, belina." Hummingbird said that means "pretty." There is video and once Otter uploads it I'll include it in this post.

Saturday we went down and bade farewell to the sea. Then Rex drove us back across the border and up to Phoenix, where we flew out. Drove home and dropped into bed.

I am so grateful for this annual pilgrimage.