The accidental Great Rite

Last week, I was wearing my copper sword pendant on a string around my neck. This is Oshun's dagger, and I wear it when I'm going to need a little extra protection, or if I am feeling overwhelmed and can't afford to be overwhelmed that day.

So, I was sitting with Iris at the table in the Sacred Well, and we were drinking cokes out of mugs. We naughtily drink coke sometimes, though we both agree it's terrible for us. I got up to go get a pen, and when I sat back down my dagger pendant accidentally dunked in my coke.

"Did I just do a whole Chalice and Blade thing?" I asked Iris.

She said, "Did you just accidentally perform the Great Rite in your coke?"

Giggles for hours. In fact, I still giggle when I think about it. And then Ninette says, "Rabbit, you and Iris are witch geeks."