Post PCon happiness

PantheaCon was just so wonderful. I enjoyed this year so very much, largely due to the support and love of my Tribe.

First of all, Ninette held down the fort at home this time around, which was really so good of her. She was able to take care of the store and Violet, and she also cared for Molly's cat Bhageera. He got sick in the middle of Con, and it would have been really bad if he had been alone. But Ninette was able to get word to Molly so she could get home and get him to the vet. And now he's fine! So, horray for the brave soul who stayed home and looked after the encampment.

Then, our SW team was awesome. Barry and Ricky stayed in the booth mostly all weekend, and Iris, Artemisia and I flitted in and out, covering here and there, presenting here and there. It was great. We sold a star ruby ring to Chris Penczak- that was probably one of the highlights. I was so happy he picked that one out- it was a beautiful but understated style of ring, and the star on that ruby was just phenomenal. The ring really featured the stone. I feel like he is kind of like that- his presentation is simple and direct, not too flashy, but the substance of what he does is quality.

We also helped introduce the pagan world to some of our favorite "new age" stones, like lithium quartz, tangerine quartz, and cacoxenite. Often, pagans and new-agers do not have as much overlap as you'd think. Pagans tend to go for the traditional choices in stones: garnet, amethyst, citrine, moonstone, labradorite (pagans cannot get ENOUGH of this one!) Naturally the Wiccans are all about the amber and jet.

The new-agers tend to reach for the highest, buzziest, newest-discovered and most scientifically-strange stones: moldavite, or white modavite- a varietal of calcite that contains materials of "unknown origin" (yep, you space cases, this means UFO time). Barry and I consider ourselves the personal ambassadors of Moldavite to the witchy world. And that goes for other stones like "Super 7" or "Melody's Stone" (author of Love is in the Earth), which is a heady combo of amethyst, quartz, smoky quartz, goethite, lepidochrosite, cacoxenite, and rutile. Whoo-hoo! I have a ring of ths stuff and it heats me up! The amethyst helps you reach your highest spiritual levels, the quartz amplifies your gifts, smoky quartz grounds and protects, goethite (recent evidence suggest it may have been used to make the paint for the caves in Lascaux) functions similarly to hematite in that it simultaneously grounds and opens, lepidochrosite, well- Iris says it "makes people behave as they should, and you, too," cacoxenite is great for inventing that which has never been done before and completely original thought, rutile filters influences of others...what a powerhouse! VERY new-agey. Well, then I'm guilty. Ive certainly been called worse.

I am also so proud of CAYA. So proud of all we accomplished. The soup room was amazing- I actually ate something every day during Con and it was healthy! The rituals- well, we're still hearing about them from all sides. Our Amazon Priestess Ritual on Friday rocked the house- it was beautifully priestessed by the ladies. The Brotherhood ritual seriously changed lives. We have gotten SO MUCH positive feedback about that rituals. The Wake UP ritual was FUUUUNNNNN! So much fun in the wee early morn! OLT was so skillful and delightful, and "Yes, They Are" was a RIOT of delight. I know the ladies in "A Black Woman Speaks" also rocked their crowd, in a different way. VERY deep and so temporally relevant.

Also, I had some great social time with folks at PCon that I don't normally have. Usually I have a lot more business to attend to than socializing to do. But I got a good balance of both business and social time with folks at PCon. Had some good conversations, some great laughs.

Sitting on the couch with Artemisia, Iris, Thora. Heaven sitting on the floor. Manea in the room next door. Artemisia and I are giggling about inappropriate thoughts. Heaven turns and says, "Are you being bad? is there badness happening here?" Artemisia and I start laughing with Heaven. Iris leans across Thora to say, "Is there badness happening here? Are you being bad?" Now we're all rolling. Manea appears in the doorway, "Is there badness happening out here?" Full on roaring, can't breathe, doubled-over laughing. Yes, we were being bad.

Great job, us! I just love this family!