Time flies

I am in the process of learning to do magic with Time. Specifically, I wish to increase my ability to move fluidly in Time and to master my moments.

For this purpose, I asked the Universe for a time-turner.

Sort of like the one in Harry Potter, but not exactly. I don't want to try to cram more stuff IN to my day. I want to be able to slow things down and speed them up just slightly, so that I can, for instance, enjoy a visit with a friend a little longer, or arrive exactly on time to where I need to be even if I left the house late. These seem like relatively benign uses of time modification. I mean, I'm not asking for extra lifetimes or anything- though I do believe that this skill, if mastered fully, could yield that result. They say there are gurus in India who live to be 2000 years old just by doing breathing exercises. Anything, truly, is possible once one submits to the imagination instead of cold, hard "facts."

So, a few months ago, I discovered that our Ordination ceremony was taking place on the same day as the headwashing ceremony of some friends of mine. "Noooo!" I moaned on the e-mail list. "I need a time turner! Seriously, does anyone have a time turner?"

Well, Ask and It Is Given! (I'm doing the flip calendar this year. Dude- good stuff. Totally mind-bending in all the right ways.)

I'm at PCon and I find this extremely curious pair of earrings. There's no use trying to really describe them. HorseshoeclockfeatherRabbit??? Huh?

Anyway, you can see in the photo what I'm talking about. Great news was- I could tell these things had mojo. Specifically, they had mojo that could teach a Rabbit to control Time. Or at least bargain with it really well.

One of the earrings has a Rabbit that stands tall and stationary, upright. His backside bolt is fixed. The other has a Rabbit with a loose backside bolt. It SPINS. Yep, you guessed it - he's all outfitted for time travel. I can actually turn the Rabbit backwards and forwards to make time move differently.

Turn the Rabbit forwards while standing in line or sitting in traffic? It just speeds by! Want the last day in Mexico to be 2 days long? Turn it all the way around twice, backwards. Woke up at 5 AM, went to bed at midnight - we definitely felt the long, slow, stre-e-e-tch of the day.

I wear the turnable Rabbit around my neck for practical purposes, and then the other Rabbit sits on my altar at home.

Can they really control time? Is she crazy? No, really...is she delusional?

No- I just believe that my consciousness is a powerful tool. If I EMPOWER myself to believe that I can control time, a whole host of things happens- I no longer feel powerless to my lateness, so maybe I'm not AS late as I used to be. I notice which moments I want to make last, and in being fully present for them, I DO enjoy them more and they DO feel like they last longer.

And today, I swear I was in a reading for an hour, but then came out to find we had only been there for a half hour. I ended up with some extra time to sit and chat with Iris and prepare for my next reading, which made my day a wee bit easier.

Having a positive, self-empowered outlook helps everything. And I do believe there is magic, too. Inexplicable rifts in time happen frequently. We often ask ourselves, "What happened to the time?" It moves strangely, eerily. So, yeah, there's magic, on top of the psychological pep-talking that having these new toys affords me.

Now my new theme song is, "Ti-i-i-ime is on my side...yes, it is!"