Snow magic

I'm a weather witch. For the past several years I have been steadily working my way into the consciousness of the weather so that I can try to create more positive atmospheric conditions.

This year in CAYA, we have been working on rain. Rain, rain, rain- so precious. We are in a drought in California due to low rainfall for 2 years running. They are saying this year they will begin rationing our water. Now, if the lesson that is necessary to create better consciousness around water is that we MUST have rationing, I don't want to interfere with that. But if the lesson could still be learned via a good scare followed by lots of unexpected snow in the high Sierras and rain in the lowlands, well...I'm all for that.

Of course climate shift and global warming are a part of the cause of this weather pattern. But also, I believe, the water of the planet is inviting us to a consciousness-raising party. Someone said to me a few weeks ago, "Water is the oil of of the 21st century." And I believe she is right. Privatization of water has been insidiously forcing water further from the realm of natural law into the realm of commerce. And as water becomes more dear due to drought, it will become more expensive. And the more "they" try to control it for sale and profit, the less water anyone will have. But not merely because we can't afford it financially.

I believe the spirit of Water will protest, and will not allow itself to be regulated. I can envision floods that burst dams and refuse to be contained as one possible demonstration of Water's protest against commercial regulation and our poor stewardship. I can see drought as another possible demonstration. I can see that as long as there is this commercial consciousness around "not enough water" then there truly will be "not enough water." The collective unconscious may create a mass experience/hologram of "not enough water" so that we can learn our lesson of conservation and respect, and evolve our relationship with this element. All of those ways of accessing this lesson are painful, because they are all reactionary and rooted in "not enoughness." I can see the value of that pain as long as the lesson gets learned.

But, damn, the lesson gets learned slowly. And, damn, we are stubbornly addicted to our mass hallucination of "not enoughness." (Hmm, that addiction applies to many realms - not only water.)

So, I do my best to bring rain, and invite the community's help. This year, we've done a good many rain rituals. There was a rain-specific circle that I could not attend. But they rocked the hell out of it- it was raining even before they were finished. We also asked for rain during another drum circle at mid-summer, and the lights started flashing on and off in the room we were in like CRAZY. The next day- Jakc found the blog of a woman in Santa Cruz, with pictures, about the freakish rain storm that had just rolled off the sea onto land and brought a sudden, huge downpour.

At Yule, I was assigned to invoke the spirit of the West/Water, and I asked for rain on behalf of us all. It offered a tiny little sprinkle that evening, and a big downpour that night. On New Year's eve, I asked the CAYA community to create rain intentions and send them along the power channels created by the celebration of the birth of 2009...and we had amazing rain on the 2nd. So, we're all working on it together and doing a great job as far as I'm concerned! I'd love to see people working on it all the time. Some folks are already doing this- Szmeralda and Hummingbird and others have mentioned a great technique: singing songs for rain while in the shower. That is some good, smart sympathetic magic right there!

Here is a rain song I wrote- it does have a tune, but you could make up your own if you like:

We need rain in California,
unexpected rain in California,
to end this drought that hovers over us
and to bring water to the Earth.

You can substitute place names of your choice.

In NorCal, we benefit from the snow in the high Sierras as a primary source for our water, so I will be doing some snow magic this week while I am in NY. It's snowing here- and HOW! Two feet are out there right now as I sit typing this. I am so excited about it. I love the snow.
So, here is what I'll be doing- each time I go outside, I will pick up some snow in my bare hands and let it melt down into water. I will use that substance shift as the channel along which I send my intention for the snow to go to the high Sierras. I will also bring some snow back to Cali with me in a ziploc bag, and I will re-freeze it as ice cubes in my freezer. Then, when we need rain or snow in the mountains, I can take one of the snow cubes and let it melt in my spell cauldron in the garden to represent bringing that water to the Earth. And sing, of course. And drum, of course. And other ecstatic things.

In ancient Greece, there were entire colleges of priestesses of Hera whose job it was to regulate the weather and bring rain. They would use brass rattles for this purpose. I just happen to have a brass rattle- it's for Oshun, actually, but those two ladies get along just fine. And Oshun is usually willing to help a sister out, anyway. So I'll shake that when I do my snow and rain work. Another traditional Greek method of enticing the rain is that priestesses would draw a cart through the streets, and act like they were cows who were mad with thirst- bellowing, shaking their heads, surging their bodies forward with eyes bulging, snorting. And people would come out and throw water on them to simulate rain coming to cool off the cows, daughters of the "Great Cow-Eyed Goddess," Hera. I am all for us doing a ritual in the summer where all the priestesses get water thrown on them by everyone. Hmm- maybe we'll incorporate that into Litha.

But till then- anyone who reads this- go make rain in your own way!