You will know me by many names and guises. Pieces of my story are scattered all over the world. Choose what you trust. Sometimes it will seem confusing, but listen to your heart. You will know me when you feel me, again and again, life after life. You will know me by my being. I will know you by your birth.

Kubai-Khotun, Kind Mother Creatress. Your migratory pattern stretches from the stars to the snows, everywhere the deer have ever walked. You are the reflection of light on water. Moon on fire.

Stella Nolava. White light streaming from the heavens. Silver sheen on velvety leaves and sharp blades of grass dusted with ice in the dark.

Milk Giver.

Artemis. You stand watch over women about to give birth, measuring the lengths of their contractions, easing their pains, wiping their foreheads with your cooling hand, massaging them as their bodies press forth LIFE.

Ajysit. You record the moment of divine joy, the revelation of a star's light made manifest in the flesh. You lovingly and compassionately write the stories of your children, scribing the Fate they have brought with them to Earth, providing counsel to the heart of each Mother. "Be brave. Be strong. Be extraordinary."

Elen of the Ways. Like the Mother Deer, the eldest cow with her antlers intact long after the males have lost theirs, you protect the young, lingering at the bedside of the new mother in her most tender and vulnerable hours, keeping watch, making certain no preying ghosts come to snatch the child's breath or still its fresh heart.

Then you ascend the ladder of light once again to your throne at the center of the galaxy, where you resume your perch in the great 7-limbed World Tree above a glistening lake of milk, sated for the moment with the promise of love's possibility reborn.

Khotun, the feminine of Khan, Empress of the Sky. Bringer of Light. Blessed One. Your branch-lightning antlers call me home within, to my own mysteries. I listened to the tide of my blood in the darkness.