Morphos, Phosphoros, Eileithyia

"Wild wanderer at the crossroads
Bright hostess at the thresholds
Keeper of keys and passages
Bearer of twin flames
Radiant bride of night
Mother of Darkness
Guard, guide, and lead me today.

I am a deer in thy roaming herd!
I am a key to thy mysteries!
I am a torch in thy hand!
I am a footfall along thy silent path!
I am a star in thy vast heavens!
I am a wave in thy fathomless seas!
I am a knife that cuts cleanly!
I am a soul in thy holy retinue!
I am a fiber in the rope of eternity!

I consecrate myself unto thee today,
And every day,
That I may travel safely within the folds of thy saffron cloak,
Dive with thy aid into deep mystic waters,
And dance with thee among the shades of my benevolent Ancestors.
Therefore, grant me courage and constancy, embrace me at thy bosom at the proper time,
And bestow upon me thy faultless perception."

-Yeshe Rabbit

Feel free to join in the Hecate, Queen of the Crossroads circle at The Sacred Well, held each Dark Moon.



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