Our Lady of Magic

Our Lady of Magic

Our Lady of Magic

The Black Madonna
is the fertile ground of change.
She is the rot and decay
that yield richness
in which life can flower anew. 
She is grace in difficult times.
She is poise and beauty,
the luminous darkness.

She is compassion for all,
especially those rendered vulnerable
by social conditions, oppression, war,
patriarchy, and colonialism.

She is an iconoclastic icon, non-canonical goddess of the people, shunned by those who cloak themselves in fear.

She is disturbingly colloquial, destabilizing the illusory constructs within organized religion.

She is a raw, revolutionary feminine power that cannot be denied.
She is Eternal.
She is Virgin, Mother, Queen of Ashes.

She is the storm,
and refuge from the storm.

She is all that is pure and self-possessed,
and all that is hidden and forbidden. 

She is mighty, and justice is Her provenance.

She is passion, love, and ardor,
the physical reality of sacred desire,
heartfelt devotion.

Submit prayer requests to the Order of the Black Madonna, who will pray for them each Dark Moon.

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