Yeshe Rabbit Matthews Robles is a holy woman, priestess, intuitive, artist, and friend to humanity. She has been a professional intuitive, teacher and spiritual guide since 2003 for clients worldwide.

You can find her at events such as PantheaConNorthern California Women's Herbal SymposiumSacred Harvest Festival, Goddess Spirit Rising, and the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. You might also see her buzzing around The Sacred Well in Oakland, where she is co-owner. She is best-known for her gentle humor, compassionate presence, down-to-Earth manner, and practical wisdom. 

Yeshe is a mystic who has studied many different spiritual paths, and feels most intimately woven into Goddess traditions and Tibetan dharma practices. You can learn more about her projects, or enjoy her blog and podcast, here at Way of the Rabbit. You are welcome to join her in free online meditation and chanting sessions with the Sky Dancer Sangha. You can dive into love's deep waters with her at one of the monthly Temple of Aphrodite Full Moon rituals, or join in the revelries and mysteries of witchcraft at Sabbat and Full Moon rituals with CAYA Coven, where she is Presiding High Priestess and architect of the Mother of the New Time project. If you are looking to find or start a supportive, sacred women's network in your area, you might want to consider looking at the collaborative Women With Wings project, an inspiring sisterhood that is helping women take flight from limiting circumstances and soar toward their goals.


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